Faith Group

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Thanks for wanting to find out about our Faith Group especially for young people. So here it is:

We've been running for some 6 years or so now. In it's present format we meet every other Sunday at 7.00 pm until 8.30 pm in our Church  Hall.

Faith Group is our name on the can and that is what is in the can. Each session is a mixture of an exploration of Christianity mixed up with heavy relaxation, banter and play.

So who comes, well we are mainly Holmes Chapel folk who have grown up with the Church, mainly that is because we have folk who are outside of the Church and outside of Holmes Chapel. Our age range is 11 to 17.

And what would you see us doing if you came along and peeked through the curtains? You'll see some of us on the Wii, guitar hero sort of thing.

You might see us sitting on bean bags eating Chinese chip butties and talking about some contentious point of Christianity (and there are plenty of those to talk about). For example what sort of God would let those Chilean miners be trapped underground for all that time and was there really a 34th person with them?

You might see us rehearsing for a church service that we run, or a mini play we put on for the Harvest Supper.

On the 23rd of October you would have seen a riotous sleepover and if you came back at 7.00 am the next day a great breakfast being devoured.

OurTeam of Helpers is Steve Waltho, Tracy Budd, Sally Corrigan, Tim Fryer and Lew Riches who each take it in turn to keep things moving.

We finished the autumn session with the renowned Faith Group Christmas party on the 15th of December. Quite a mixed feast it was as well - Chinese chips, Chinese food and Italian pizza - all washed down with plenty of sugary, fizzy drinks.

We had another good series of well attended sessions last term covering a wide range of topics, most of them Christian.

Programme for our Sunday night sessions in Jan - April 2014 (all in the Church  Hall except 1st Feb)  

1 February - "Open Church" - Faith Group will be welcoming visitors to the church from 9 - 12 noon this Saturday morning

9 February - "love"- Valentines Day.

23 February - Pancakes & Shrove Tuesday.

9 March - the story of Palm Sunday - drama sketch - make Palm crosses garland.

23 March - The Last Supper.

5 April - Sleepover to round off the Easter term; games, team and film; start at 5.30pm.

27 April - conclusion of the Easter Story.

Watch this space for details of future events planned for 2014!

Entering the unknown! - the Quinta experience in May 2011

Quinta is a Christian centre near Weston Rhyn in Oswestry and is geared towards young folk ages 12-17.

In May 2011 we took our Faith youth group to a journey into the unknown of Quinta. We were not disappointed; the weekend was spiritual, energetic, exhilarating and exhausting, and a wonderful experience.

This year the theme was ‘Survival, God's tools to survive your life‘. The sessions ranged from worship with fantastic live rock band music, workshops and presentations and not to forget survival games including dodge ball, dangerous animal trapping and many more. The program was full from 7.30 am till lights out at 11.30ish with regular meal and snack times including a yummy BBQ in the Saturday night.

Tracy Budd and myself were there as Youth Leaders and the young folk did a great job in looking after us. They got me chairs to sit on, when every one else sat on the floor, my bad knee you know, and fed us drinks and snacks from 7.30 am till 11.30 at night. They fully embraced the experience and contributed with enthusiasm to the sessions. Their behaviour was really exemplary and they even managed to Hoover and tidy up on the last day (we have photographic evidence).

the Quinta party 

Faith group: Kenneth, Georgie, Emma, Sarah, Rachel and Rhys with leaders Tracy and Lew.

The highlight for me was the worship session on Sunday morning. After the Salt type of worship and music we were led towards a quite meditative, contemplative moment by the lead guitarist of the band. That’s something you don’t expect.

The focus of the moment turned into a request for everyone present to decide, if they wanted to make such a decision, whether they were prepared to commit their lives to Jesus. If they decided yes they were to stand. All eyes were closed, mine included. The quiet pause was tingling and nothing moved. Then I heard the sound of gentle movement beside me and I knew that one of ours was standing. First in the whole room. Not sure what the emotion was that I felt but it was good. The sound of gentle movement spread in silence over the room. It was real, no stage management. Our folk who stood, were at that moment making a real commitment to Jesus. Entering the unknown is ok with Jesus holding your hand.

So that’s the essence of the Quinta experience and we survived!

We’ll put some more photos on the website and you can read the young folks comments on my facebook page. If you look closely you might spot the Churchwarden with the painted finger nails!

Lew Riches