new altar frontals

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Altar frontals are used to mark the changing seasons and festivals of the Church year. They provide a visual focus for us as we worship and participate in the liturgy of the changing Christian year and celebrate special days and festivals.

Much like stained glass, the colours and symbols speak to us without the necessity of words and engage our senses in responding to the expressions of faith that they represent.

The four liturgical colours of green, red, purple and white are used at St. Luke’s to mark each season:

Green is the colour of plant life, abundant in spring. It is used to represent the triumph of life over death. Green is the liturgical colour for the Trinity season and is in evidence for much of the year. We are indebted to Andrew, Nicholas and Matthew Whelan who have donated this new green frontal to the church in loving memory of their father Dennis.
Purple is the colour for penitence and mourning. It is also the colour of royalty. It is used at penitential seasons like Advent and Lent as we prepare for Christmas and Easter.
Red is the colour of blood, and so is used in the church as the liturgical colour for the commemoration of martyred saints. As the colour of fire, red is also used to represent the ‘tongues of fire’ indicating the presence of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.
White has, since before biblical times, been recognized as a symbol of purity, innocence and holiness. It is the liturgical colour for the Christmas and Easter seasons. White is used to celebrate any festival particularly associated with our Lord.

We hope that the frontals will honour our Lord, enrich our worship, adorn the building, and through sign and symbol witness to the key aspects of our faith as they speak to both regular and visiting worshippers of all ages who attend St. Luke’s.

Anne Smith: December 2011

July 2015 update - Second Green Altar Frontal for use in Ordinary Time


We are pleased to confirm that an additional green altar frontal with pulpit fall and stole has been designed for us by Croft Design Ecclesiastical Outfitters, Much Wenlock.

Green is the colour of Ordinary time which can last for twenty five weeks in total depending on the dates of other church festivals. Consequently, as green is in use for so long during the year, the wear and tear on the materials over time is considerable when compared with the use of the other colours.

Thanks to a generous anonymous gift, a new green frontal, fall and stole have been added to our collection and will be used as soon as the church roof works are completed.

The new frontal design was agreed and chosen by a group of church members and has the tree of life as a central motif. This is a symbol of divine creation and the promise of abundant and eternal life that we have in Christ.

We hope that you will enjoy the frontal when it alternates with the existing one and that it will add to our quality of worship and to the beauty of the sacred space that is St. Lukes.

Anne Smith: July 2015