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Weddings solemnised at St. Luke's Church (since August 2010):

Note: for general information about getting married at St. Luke's, please contact our Vicar, Revd Paul Mason, by phone: 01477 533124 or email:

23 Dec 17Joseph Samuel MADDOCK and Amanda Jane CLARE
21 Oct 17Mark REBBECK and Jessica STEVENS
8 Sep 17Gary PURCELL and Rebecca Victoria OLLERTON
11 Aug 17Stephen Philip MOULTON and Clare AUSTIN
20 May 17David Antony CLARKE and Kelly MADDOCK
5 Nov 16Steven George JOHNSTON and Kelly Ann ROOKE
10 Sep 16Isaac IBBOTSON and Gemma VENABLES
27 Aug 16Rowan MATHER and Amy FRANCIS
20 Aug 16Lee Michael THOMPSON and Kimberley Dawn ALDGATE
16 Jul 16Gary Johnathan VALENTE and Maureen MARLOW
22 Dec 15

John Daniel HOTHERSALL and Hayleigh Elizabeth WHITTAKER

30 Aug 14Daniel HARRIS and Belinda SLAUGHTER
26 May 14Jonathan Edward RIDDLE and Laura Claire BAILEY
24 May 14Jonathan Robert HALL and Jennifer Ann HUGHES
12 Apr 14Daniel STUBBS and Sophie Louise WHITTAKER
22 Mar 14Robert Anthony INNES and Stacey Jayne PICKSTOCK
23 Nov 13Robert John WILLIAMS and Kirsty Amelia THRASHER
17 Aug 13Gavin Steven PARTRIDGE and Emma Jane WELCH
3 Aug 13Christopher David GUEST and Jayne THOMSON
27 Jul 13Michael John SNELSON and Petronella NYAGONYE
25 May 13Mark McCAFFREY and Lauren Emily FAWCETT
13 Oct 12David Summers THOMSON and Susan Jane TOMLINSON
28 Jul 12Ian James MURGATROYD and Catherine Ann BRADY
27 Jul 12Tony Jan Wind YIP and Hiu Tung LEE
20 Jun 12Mark Bryan CHIDLOW and Cassandra Holly LITCHFIELD
16 Jun 12

Michael James ROGERS and Katherine Sarah HALL

6 Aug 11Bradley KEEN and Polly HARRIS
30 Jul 11Simon WHITE and Laura CLARKE
3 Jun 11Daniel Richard MARTIN and Aimee Victoria BIRD
20 May 11Jamie Robert PRATT and Charlotte Lucy TETLOW-BURCH
26 Feb 11Martin James BARNES and Helen Marie COLLINGE
23 Oct 10Nicholas FEWTRELL and Karen REBBECK
23 Oct 10Alan MULFORD and Sandra TOMS
  2 Oct 10John Paul SUSANS and Gemma Louise NETTLETON
14 Aug 10Robert Anthony HUNT and Claudia Elizabeth KING
  7 Aug 10Daniel John BROWN and Rachel Elizabeth MASSEY